We provide solutions to complex challenges by connecting with leaders in the marine sector


COVE orchestrates a variety of programs that foster the acceleration of marine technology

Test + Validate

COVE provides on-shore and off-shore infrastructure for technology commercialization and market development.

Incubate + Accelerate

COVE offers programs that help start-ups and scale-ups enter and strengthen the small-medium business sector.

Research + Commercialize

COVE is leveraging academic research to develop commercial solutions with go-to market actions.

Hub + Spoke

COVE provides regional, national, and international complementary satellite hubs accessing innovation, talent, infrastructure and expertise.

Work + Learn

COVE is building a pipeline of talent

With resources for students, training for teachers, opportunities for career-builders, and bold initiatives that ensure a skilled and sustainable workforce, COVE is where the future of the global marine sector begins.

Reports + Insights

COVE is where the future of the global marine sector begins

Our research and reports provide a foundation for understanding the challenges and opportunities in building a thriving marine sector. COVE's insights are shaping Canada's talent pipeline and ensuring the successful growth of marine-based enterprises.

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