COVE's marine terminal supports commercial, research, and military vessels year-round

COVE Terminal

COVE stands out as the premier marine technology innovation hub strategically located on the Halifax Harbour. This ocean-front facility covers an impressive 51,000 m2 water lot and remains ice-free year-round, ensuring uninterrupted access in all seasons. COVE is committed to sustainability providing state-of-the-art wharfside electrical stations, demonstrating its dedication to environmental stewardship. The marine terminal includes advanced waterfront facilities with up to 600 VDC through wharf-side electrical stations, suitable for industrial operations and electric-powered vessel charging.

The site features a floating dock, wharf face, and finger piers, all with year-round access to internet, electricity, and potable water. Additionally, the site offers secure, limited parking within a fenced compound and easy connections to the community and amenities, including trades and suppliers. With its comprehensive facilities and prime location, COVE is the optimal choice for marine technology companies to grow and for new ventures to prosper.

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