COVE’s Ocean ScaleUp Accelerator Program: Charting a Course for Success

COVE’s Ocean ScaleUp Accelerator Program: Charting a Course for Success

COVE has partnered with Innovate UK for the Global Incubator Program, which provides the opportunity for eight innovative, high-growth, and scaling businesses to build long-term relationships with a world-leading innovation hub in Canada. Earlier this year, COVE welcomed these eight technology companies for the initial launch of the Ocean ScaleUp Accelerator Program.

The five-month program allows businesses to scale in Canada, secure opportunities, and receive assistance with finding and recruiting local skilled workers. Being a part of COVE gives the cohort access to potential partnerships and amenities, and they will return in June for the H20 Conference and COVE Demo Day.

“The accelerator program with COVE helped us at HonuWorx speak directly, and in person, with the folks that can help us understand the major considerations as we assess the costs and benefits of growing our footprint to include Canada. Through the program, I spoke with various funding agencies and partners to understand what was possible,” said Lucas Wissmann, Co-Founder of Honuworx Ltd., a company developing software technology to drive down the costs and environmental impact of deploying and operating robotic systems offshore.  

During the cohort’s week-long visit, they had the opportunity to give a presentation about their company and their business aspirations to the COVE community and attend workshops to better understand market potential and goal setting as part of the program.

The eight participating companies are HonuWorx, Max Nicholas Renewables™, Pure Marine Gen, PicSea, Hexsor Scientific, AquaTec, D-RisQ, and Chelsea Technologies. Each company has developed its own distinctive goals to build and expand its business. Across the cohort, there was enthusiasm to meet potential business partners and explore the idea of bringing projects to North America.

“It’s super exciting for us,” said Andrew Durrant, founder of PicSea. “We already have some projects started here in Canada from previous support that COVE and Innovate UK have given us. I’m excited to be back in the next few months and expect to build business success here in Canada.” PicSea is a company that helps businesses and scientists’ access and understand seafloor data. Their ground-breaking technology has dramatically reduced the cost and complexity of creating autonomous underwater vehicles.

COVE is pleased with the feedback and success of the program and is looking forward to having the UK company participants return in June. COVE plans to extend the program to other interested countries to propel marine innovation and accelerate commercialization.

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