COVE Connect | October 2023

COVE Connect | October 2023

In the October 2023 edition of COVE Connect:

Ocean events

  • COVE Open House!
  • Rostock Ocean Convention 2023
  • Ocean Connector: The future of international autonomous system innovation
  • Deep Dive into Data: Moncton, New Brunswick

Ocean News

  • Anchored in Excellence: Canadian Companies Transforming Naval Innovation
  • 3D Wave puts 3D climate change models in the palm of our hands
  • DARPA awards COVE resident company Glas Ocean Electric contract to develop intelligent data collection at sea
  • Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Announces new AI ocean projects valued at $20 million

Activity at COVE

  • Learn about COVE like never before! – COVE’s new website, promo video, and magazine, CONNECT
  • Digital Harbour: Unleashing the Potential for Ocean Data Solutions
  • COVE is a Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award Finalist

Careers in the Marine Sector 

  • Consider your place in the marine economy – open job positions at Dominion Diving, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, MetOcean Telematics, Thales Canada, Marine Thinking, Hawbolt Industries, and Enginuity Inc.
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