COVE Connect | October 2022

COVE Connect | October 2022

In the October 2022 edition of COVE’s monthly newsletter, COVE Connect:

Ocean Events

  • Ocean Connector: Integrating ESGs into your business
  • Ocean Institute: Deep Dive into Data
  • Ocean of Data Challenge: Creating a Digital Harbour from Sea to Space
  • Rostock Ocean Convention 2022
  • Marine Renewables Canada 2022 Conference

Ocean News

  • Irving Shipbuilding Renews Funding in COVE
  • Thales and COVE Partner for Ocean Innovation
  • COVE’s 3rd National Forum on Workforce Development Draws National and International HR Expertise to Nova Scotia
  • COVE Continues to Measure Growth in Canada’s Blue Economy with the Release of 2nd White Paper
  • Call for UK-based Ocean Technology Companies to Join Ocean Scaleup Accelerator Program

Activity at COVE

  • Career Opportunity at COVE: VP of Growth
  • Astronaut Jeremy Hansen Visits COVE
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