COVE brings leading experts to Halifax for 3rd National Forum on Workforce Development

COVE brings leading experts to Halifax for 3rd National Forum on Workforce Development

As Canada’s ocean sector continues to grow, the need for programming and initiatives leading to a robust and talented workforce grows with it.

On October 3, COVE’s third National Forum, “Riding the Current – Navigating Canada’s Blue Talent Agenda”, will highlight this importance by bringing together leaders in talent development and human resource disciplines from industry, government, and higher education.

With almost 23 years of experience, Tanya Lush, Director of Workforce Development at COVE, knows what it takes to create a talented workforce. With a passion for people projects and experiential learning, Tanya is excited to help deliver a day of connecting, conversation and knowledge sharing via an engaging format of expert-led panels and thought-provoking speakers.

“My role is to chair the agenda and ensure that the program is exciting and engaging,” said Lush. “We wanted panellists that were leaders in their fields, leaders in people projects, and were experts in the subject matter that we’re looking at.”

Through her own personal network, Tanya was able to attract speakers from Canada, the United States and Germany. The extensive speaker lineup includes big names like Michelle Forbrigger, Vice-President of Human Resources for Thales North America, Anya Waite, CEO and Scientific Director of the Ocean Frontier Institute at Dalhousie University and Rick Colbourne, Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusive Communities for Carlton University.

Beyond the panels and keynote speakers, attendees will participate in breakout sessions and have various opportunities to socialize and network.

The need for this National Forum seemed to grow due to the outcome of employee retention following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Four years ago was the last time we held a National Forum. It’s time now to all come together and revisit talent development practices and come up with actionable solutions to things we’re facing now that we never were before, like remote work, hybrid work, and engaging with our workforce in alternative methods because so much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Lush.

Tanya hopes to attract audiences with a range of professional backgrounds from within the industry, higher education and government. Additionally, she hopes attendees leave feeling confident in the important skills they’ve learned throughout the day.

“I think the most important takeaways would be sharing current, up-to-date best practices, around people development, around programming and around engagement of the workforce and not only talking about the really awesome things that are being done in the industry but also talking about what can be actioned, augmented and implemented for our own workplaces”, said Lush.

After a long four-year hiatus with so much change in the workplace, The National Forum is sure to be a day full of learning, shared practices and networking. To register, please visit

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