COVE and Thales Canada Announce the 2024 Naval Technology Innovation Challenges Winners

COVE and Thales Canada Announce the 2024 Naval Technology Innovation Challenges Winners

On June 4, COVE and Thales Canada proudly announced the winners of the 2024 Naval Technology Innovation Challenges at the H2O Conference. Congratulations to Aeon Blue Inc. and Hexsor Scientific Canada Inc. on their outstanding achievements!

As the prime contractor of the AJISS program, Thales Canada partnered with COVE to launch these challenges, giving start-ups and SMEs in Atlantic Canada the chance to tackle some of the Royal Canadian Navy’s most complex issues. These included developing solutions for green house gas capture on naval ships, aligned with the Department of National Defence’s Climate & Sustainability Strategy, and automated cleaning of air ventilation systems to enhance onboard air quality.

Aeon Blue Inc., who has partnered with COVE resident company, Enginuity Inc., is the winner of the Capturing Maritime Greenhouse Gases Challenge. Aeon Blue Inc. is a start-up creating carbon-negative fuel from wind and sea. They will collaborate with Thales Canada on carbon capture technologies for naval vessels.

Hexsor Scientific Canada Inc., the winner of the Clean Air in Ships Challenge, specializes in advanced analytical systems that detect and characterize contaminants. They will work with Thales Canada to monitor and improve air quality on naval ships.

A special thank you goes to our Challenges partner, ACOA- APECA, for their invaluable support in funding the Naval Technology Innovation Challenges. Their contribution is instrumental in driving innovation and creating new opportunities within the sector.

Pictured: James Kesten, Director of Venture Growth at COVE, Cara Salci, VP, Strategy and Government Relations at Thales, Dr. Jeyan Sreekumar, President of Hexsor Scientific Canada Inc., and Melanie Nadeau, CEO of COVE.

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