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Ocean Technology Professional Profiles for Tide to Tech

“You will spend over 62,400 hours working in your professional career. Make every hour count by choosing a career path that will allow you to explore the unknown.”

The Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia has partnered with the Discovery Centre to offer a free external ocean technology science education program for high school and junior high students in Nova Scotia. Tide to Tech is one hour hands-on learning workshop consisting of stations (Geomatics, ROV, Echolocation, and more) providing students with a range of possibilities in ocean technology.  

We are planning an additional station highlighting Nova Scotians in oceans technology careers.  Attached is a more detailed layout of what the Tide to Tech workshop consists of and ends with a questionnaire. We are asking Ocean Technology professionals to choose an individual or two within their organization to highlight as an example of careers available within the Ocean Tech industry. If available we are asking you to include an image of either of this individual (possibility working with the technology the your organization offers) or another relevant image; it would help to make the profiles write-ups more engaging for the students.

We would love get some guest speakers/ocean tech professional to deliver on the road with the Discovery Centre. Having a guest speaker would be an additional station and be incorporated into the one hour programming.

Please submit your interest to be a guest speaker to Kara MacPhee, External Science Educator, to

Please submit all complete profile to Natalie Newcombe at Submission deadline has been extented to October 17, 2014.

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