Reflections on the H2O Conference and Highlights from COVE Demo Day 2024

Reflections on the H2O Conference and Highlights from COVE Demo Day 2024

Hundreds of attendees from around the globe gathered at the OTCNS-led 2024 H2O: Home to Overseas Conference, held from June 3-4 at the Halifax Convention Centre.

The conference featured a diverse array of presentations and panels, covering critical topics in the marine technology industry. Discussions included the opportunities and challenges of developing and commercializing dual-use technologies, mitigating environmental impacts, promoting global sustainability, investing in blue tech ventures, increasing artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in the marine sector, and much more.

Participating in these discussions and connecting with brilliant professionals in the marine technology sector was a remarkable experience. The presentations and panels were enlightening, and the potential for future collaboration is incredibly exciting.

A huge thank you to OTCNS for organizing an outstanding event. The conference not only showcased the latest developments and technologies but also provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing. We are leaving with new insights, strengthened connections, and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the future of the marine technology industry.

COVE is honored to have been a part of the H2O Conference, and we are committed to continuing its mission of fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth in the marine technology sector.

Photo: Tim Krochak, Saltwire

COVE Demo Day 2024 was an unforgettable event! Held on June 5, it featured over 50 companies showcasing their cutting-edge technology and attracted almost 500 attendees.

The event began with an exhilarating demonstration as the CH149 Cormorant Search and Rescue helicopter executed a planned mission. This coordinated effort between the Canadian Armed Forces, the Halifax Regional Police, the Fire Department, and COVE resident company Dominion Diving was a powerful display of teamwork and dedication. A heartfelt thank you to all the local services for their commitment to our community and for providing an unforgettable start to COVE Demo Day 2024!

This year’s Demo Day showcased technology innovators across three dynamic stages: the Showcase Stage, the Blue Stage, and the Innovation Stage. On the Showcase and Blue Stages, companies brought their technology to life with on-water demonstrations, giving attendees a front-row seat to cutting-edge innovations such as advanced vessels, underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and search and rescue simulations.

The Innovation Stage featured high-level presentations from companies focused on using engineered software to ensure the operational readiness of naval fleets, ultrasonic measurement technologies, wave-powered sustainable desalination, and more.

Additionally, five Tech Alley tents hosted companies with tabletop displays, allowing attendees to network with the companies and examine the latest technologies. The Bays were also open, providing attendees the opportunity to visit COVE resident companies and organizations to explore their latest projects and innovations.

Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed tours of the COVE facility and the Stella Maris Operations Centre. They also had the unique opportunity to tour the HMCS Goose Bay, which was docked for the event.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us and made this event unforgettable! Having hundreds of marine tech professionals and enthusiasts all under one roof was truly electrifying and exciting.

Special thanks to our sponsors Innovate UK, Scotiabank, Innovasea, DeepSense, Iris Communications, and conference partner OTCNS. We couldn’t have pulled off Demo Day without your generosity and support!

We are already looking forward to next year’s COVE Demo Day. The future of the industry is bright, and COVE is excited to be at the forefront of this exciting journey.

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