ABCO Industries Inc. is joining the electric revolution

ABCO Industries Inc. is joining the electric revolution

With the support of ACOA, ABCO has launched their first fully electric commercial boat.

The 32-foot former police patrol boat was salvaged, recycled, and refurbished, demonstrating the resilience of aluminum as a material for a circular marine economy and further enhanced by the electric propulsion system powered by the Evoy Hurricane inboard platform. The Hurricane is a 300kW (400HP equivalent) inboard motor with the ability to hit 600kW (800HP equivalent) at peak output. The combination of aluminum manufacturing and electric propulsion yields a robust, low-maintenance boat that will save owner’s money and hold its value all while reducing the impact of commercial vessels on the environment.

This demonstration is the first phase of the Lunenburg Electric Harbour initiative that ABCO and Rimot are executing to showcase the benefits of marine electrification.

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