3D Wave Puts 3D Climate Change Models in the Palm of Our Hands

3D Wave Puts 3D Climate Change Models in the Palm of Our Hands

3D Wave Design’s unique, innovative and Indigenous designed technology provides an interactive experience that allows nontechnical users — working on standard mobile devices — dynamic adjustment of scientifically accurate 3D digital elevation models with hydrodynamic SLR/Storm Surge/Fluvial flooding, wildland fires and other climate change events.

The global climate is changing and we see the impacts all around us. It’s in the rising sea level, the increasing frequency and intensity of storms, the river and overland flooding, wildland fires, and other events. Yet despite this escalating evidence many of us are still in denial about the climate crisis. We’re not acting fast enough and to Nova Scotia-based 3D animation and communications company, 3D Wave Design, that was a problem they knew they had the skills to help solve.

The team at 3D Wave gave a lot of thought to understanding why some, often very well-intentioned, people aren’t more proactive about implementing the measures necessary to protect their communities. The team came to the conclusion that for many, including those in governance, the inability to visualise the potential impacts of climate change was a barrier to getting the job done.

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