11 Bluetech Firms Present at Impac5

11 Bluetech Firms Present at Impac5

The startups displayed their ability to help protect marine environments.

Eleven bluetech startups from around the world presented at the IMPAC5 conference in Vancouver on Monday, showcasing how they can help to protect marine environments.  

Startups and social enterprises were invited to present their ideas for enhancing the viability or creation of marine protected areas, or MPAs – designated areas that need established protection for long term conservation of marine species, habitats and ecosystems. To participate in the MPA Pitch Challenge, these companies needed to have sustainable revenue.

The challenge was held at the Impac5 – the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress, which has been taking place in Vancouver. Impac5 is a global forum that brings together ocean conservation professionals and officials to discuss issues around and make plans for MPAs.


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