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Employment Opportunities: Students On Ice (SOI)

Join the Students On Ice (SOI) team! SOI is looking to fill three (3) positions for the Blue Futures Pathways (BFP) Project:

  • Blue Futures Pathways Program Manager
  • Blue Futures Pathways Digital & Content Coordinator
  • Blue Futures Pathways Outreach Coordinator

Information about each of these positions can be found in the pdfs at the bottom of this page. 

About Students On Ice:

The Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation is an award-winning organization that has led more than
30 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic – experiences we often refer to as the Greatest
Classrooms on Earth. Founded in 2000, the SOI Foundation is based on the principle that we are
driven by the personal connections that we make to the land and to one another and that these
connections foster a deeper understanding of and commitment to a healthy and sustainable
future. SOI believes experiential education is key to bridging cultures and learning first-hand
about climate change, ocean conservation, reconciliation and other pressing topics. Beyond
expeditions, the SOI Foundation connects people, organizations, and funding around ideas,
initiatives and programs related to sustainability.

Blue Futures Pathways (BFP) aims to connect youth across Canada with education, employment
and funding opportunities that inspire and support them in developing a successful career in the
emerging Sustainable Blue Economy. The scope includes ocean and freshwater, and at the heart
of the SOI Foundation’s mandate, a focus on under-represented, remotely located, and
Indigenous youth. Blue Futures Pathways is a new SOI Foundation program being rolled out in a
series of Phases. Phase I involved a pan-Canadian Landscape Analysis exploring the gaps and
opportunities for youth in the emerging Sustainable Blue Economy. Phase II will be
implemented in collaboration with key partners, and will involve the creation of a digital
platform (the Port) as well as the development and implementation of a series of tools and pilot
projects to educate, engage and retain youth in Sustainable Blue Economy careers.

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