Resqunit Canada Inc.

Resqunit Canada Inc.

Resqunit Canada Inc, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Resqunit AB, is proud to introduce our innovative recovery system for crab and lobster traps to the international market. Located in COVE, Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well as Sweden and Norway,our team is excited to provide the first preventive solution to ghost fishing and loss of fishing gear in the Canadian and US fisheries.

The Canadian lobster and crab fisheries are crucial industries, with a combined export value of over $2 billion annually. These industries provide employment for thousands of people in coastal communities across Canada, supporting local economies and cultural traditions. However, the loss of fishing gear is a significant problem, costing the industry millions of dollars in replacement costs and contributing to ghost fishing and marine pollution.

In the United States, the lobster and crab fisheries are also important industries, with a combined commercial value of over $1.5 billion annually. However, like in Canada, the loss of fishing gear is a significant problem, causing economic and environmental damages, such as ghost fishing and marine pollution.

Preventive solutions, such as Resqunit’s recovery system, are essential in addressing this issue. Our product is an electronic and reliable reserve-buoy system that can easily attach to crab and lobster traps. The system includes a frame, buoy, and programmable electronic locking mechanism that releases the backup buoy when the trap remains underwater for a set period. This system allows fishermen to retrieve lost traps, reduce replacement costs, and prevent unnecessary waste and ghost fishing.

At Resqunit Canada Inc, we aim big and are proud of this achievement of having our innovative recovery system ready for the market. Our team includes a CEO with previous successes as an entrepreneur, a CMO with 20 years of experience in online trading and marketing, a CSO with 25 years of sales experience working globally in the seafood industry, and a CTO with extensive mechanical engineering and project management experience.

We are excited to bring our product to the Canadian and US fisheries and make a positive impact on the environment and the economy. We believe that preventive solutions are the key to addressing the problem of lost fishing gear, and we are proud to offer a solution that benefits both the industry and the ocean.

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