Maritime Hydraulic

Maritime Hydraulic

Maritime Hydraulic is a professional design, manufacturing, research, development, and testing company. We specialize in supplying custom hydraulic components and systems to a variety of heavy industries around the world. With our fully diversified conventional and CNC machine shops we are able manufacture customized equipment based on our customers needs. Our welders and fabricators are able to perform multiple welding processes and techniques in our CWB-certified shop. Maritime Hydraulic benefits from broad strategic and financial stability that allows for long-term investment and development of new technology in hydraulic cylinders, control systems, metal fabrication, and hydraulic power units.

Maritime Hydraulic is the regional representative of iSENSYS.

iSENSYS has several operational premises, but the most accurate description is that we are a Think Tank, available to very quickly solve and provide innovative solutions to unique problems. This aspect has required us to remain up to date on any new technological advancements, at tremendous expense, and determine if those innovations are somehow applicable to our core business – data collection services.

Data collection should be considered a very broad description. Weapons test and evaluation is certainly a data collection process, but we consider warfighter training to be a data collection process as well.

Training efficacy is as important, if not more so, than the training experience itself. And, the exposure to the training process helps us identify areas of improvement, not only in the training environment but also in the equipment utilized.

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