JSK Naval Support Inc.

JSK Naval Support Inc.

JSK Naval Support Inc. is committed to developing extensive technical expertise and enhancing sovereign capability within naval defense for Canada.

 As an established provider of engineering services, manufacturing capability, and in-service support to the Royal Canadian Navy and local defense contractors, JSK Naval Support provides Canadian-made solutions that deliver reliable in-service support, innovative products, and outstanding engineering services. Working directly for the Department of National Defence and through its prime contractors, we maximize operational availability by maintaining and upgrading key systems and sub-systems. Our services are designed to ensure that legacy and new-build systems are maintained to a high level of operational readiness and effectiveness.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Torpedo and Decoy Launch Systems
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare Solutions
  • Active and Passive Sonar Systems
  • Towed Arrays and Ancillary Equipment
  • Thin Line Arrays and Miniature Acoustic Components
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Echosounders
  • Simulation & Training Solutions

Headquartered in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, JSK Naval Support is dedicated to assisting the Royal Canadian Navy to optimize its existing and future fleet requirements, conducting manufacturing and support for key systems in-country, and creating new hi-tech Canadian jobs.

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