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Through bold initiatives and introductions, COVE is building a pipeline of talent for the ocean tech sector.

We’re studying trends and futures to manage careers and capacity. We’re supporting organizations to welcome diversity and inclusion. We’re partnering with learning institutions to guide knowledge and skill development.

With resources for students, training for school-teachers, opportunities for career-builders, and initiatives that ensure a skilled and sustainable workforce, COVE is where the future of the global ocean sector begins.

Learn About Ocean Tech

Through our research, we have built learning tools to connect youth to the ocean. We provide ocean institutes for educators to explore complex ocean issues and integrate STEM learning and design-thinking to strengthen their students’ problem-solving skills.

Your Future in the Ocean Sector

COVE invites and encourages you to consider your place in the blue economy.

We believe there’s a place for everyone in the ocean tech sector. Start exploring a vast number of ocean sector career paths offering promise and purpose.

Talent Development

Creating Diversity

COVE leads and exemplifies equity, diversity, and inclusion. It is central to our mandate and is weaved into every practice and project – from our research to programming to resources.

COVE’s initiatives include thought-leadership in diversity. Our Changing Tides: Discussing diversity in the ocean industry is a panel discussion series addressing underrepresented workers in the blue economy.

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Discover your opportunities in ocean tech with COVE.