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Solace Power Receives U.S. Patent for New Type of Wireless Power Technology


Solace Power Inc. today announced it has received a patent for its wireless power technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent, Wireless Electric Power Transmission System and Method, U.S. Patent #9,653,948, covers a new type of wireless power developed by Solace called Resonant Capacitive Coupling™, which uses electric fields instead of magnetic fields or radio frequency (RF) to transfer power. It is only available from Solace Power.

Resonant Capacitive Coupling technology or RC²™, provides a high degree of spatial freedom and can be integrated into products and applications with minimal modification to the product’s development and design. Solace’s technology does not require precise alignment in order to work and instead, allows products and applications to charge when they are adjacent to, or in the vicinity of the charger or transmitting power source.

“We are focused on licensing our wireless power technology in industries where there are cable or connector-related issues with existing products,” said Kris McNeil, Founder and CEO of Solace Power. “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), office furniture manufacturers, the automotive industry and medical device manufacturers are all target markets for our RC² technology.”

Key Features of Resonant Capacitive Coupling

Flexible – electrodes are flexible and conformal with various shapes, and can be integrated with any product by adapting to its size and shape.

Freedom of movement – enables products to be placed adjacent to, or in the general vicinity of the transmitter to receive power.

Lightweight – can be shielded using any conducting material, including fabrics with metallic threads.

RC² is power source agnostic and can transfer a range of power levels. The technology uses an auto-tuning mechanism for resonant capacitive coupling that ensures favorable resonant conditions for wireless power transfer with efficiencies that meet or exceed industry norms.

About Solace Power

Solace Power is an engineering research and development company that licenses its RC² technology for wireless power applications. In 2016, Solace Power won the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge which recognizes top innovative companies by Sikorsky Innovations. Solace is the only Canadian company to ever win the Sikorsky Challenge.

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