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  Wave of the Future - A resource book that connects children to the value of the ocean

Welcome to the Wave of the Future, a resource book that connects children to the value of the ocean. The book teaches children about industries that work in, on and around the ocean, and how we use the ocean’s resources to explore and study the ocean.

The book is geared towards children aged 10 to 12 years old and is a visual and interactive resource that introduces young people to the Blue Economy. Featuring quizzes, online resources and interesting facts, this resource highlights how industry plays a powerful role in establishing a sustainable blue economy, and also raises awareness about the range of industries and careers involved. 

Download the entire Wave of the Future book or each chapter individually for free in both French and English by clicking on the files on the right of the screen. Each chapter covers a different topic of the Blue Economy, What topic are you going to discover first? 

  • Chapter One: What is the Blue Economy
  • Chapter Two: Feeding the World
  • Chapter Three: Energy and the Blue Economy
  • Chapter Four: The Big Blue Highway
  • Chapter Five: How Ocean Observation & Conservation Support a Sustainable Blue Economy

The “Wave of the Future, Canada’s Sustainable Blue Economy” was the inspiration from Dr. Sherry Scully, an educator who has spent six years studying careers in the ocean industry. Dr. Scully, along with Anna Naylor, used results from their Student Intentions and Perceptions Study 2019 as a base for the book. The study, which originated in 2016, surveyed youths in grades 9 – 12 to understand the perceptions of marine-related and trades and technology careers.

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