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Research + Insights

COVE is where the future of the global ocean sector begins.

Our research and reports provide a foundation for understanding the challenges and opportunities in building a thriving ocean sector.

COVE’s insights are shaping Canada’s talent pipeline and ensuring the successful growth of ocean-based enterprises.

Nova Scotia's Opportunity for Marine Electrification Study

The Nova Scotia’s Opportunity for Marine Electrification Study identifies Nova Scotia’s strong potential to deliver vessel electrification technology to Atlantic Canada and the global market, with COVE poised to enable local firms to grasp the commercial opportunity and accelerate the pace of electric vessel adoption.

Canadian Ocean Enterprise 2020 Study

A first of kind study measuring Canadian Ocean Enterprises, the business components of the ‘New Blue Economy,’ which comprises the platforms, technology, and information services that deliver the ocean observations, measurements, analyses, and forecasts enabling the wider Blue or Ocean Economy.

Engaging Youth in Ocean Industries of the 21st Century

This program effectiveness report examines the efficacy of the 2020 COVE Internship Program and how the interns, mentors and companies adjusted to working in a virtual world.

Student Intentions and Perceptions

The Student Intentions and Perceptions Studies provides insights from students in grades 3 – 6 in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Mi’Kmaq schools regarding careers in the ocean sector.

Ocean Technology Sector Study

The Competency Assessment and Workforce Study provides insight into the skills and competencies employers are looking for when hiring employees in the ocean sector.


Challenges, Needs and Opportunities

This 2015 report benchmarks the workforce challenges, needs and opportunties for the greater marine industry.

A Review of Co-Ops in the Marine Industry

This report provides valuable insights on how educational institutions can increase participation of employers and increase workplace opportunities for students.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at COVE

COVE leads and exemplifies equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything we do, from research, programming and resources.

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