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Marine People Partnership

The Marine People Partnership (MPP) was formed with support from Irving Shipbuilding as part of their value proposition commitment to strengthen the Canadian marine industry under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. MPP has a national mandate to explore and address workforce development issues in the marine industry and to help develop and establish an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive marine industry.

Primary research has included both national and regional studies that have looked at the current needs and gaps for strategic workforce development in the marine industry and have provided insights into the perceptions and intentions of youth regarding marine careers. MPP hosts the National Forum on Workforce Development in the Marine Industry which draws together key stakeholders from across the country, and across the ocean sectors, to participate in an evidence-based dialogue about issues and opportunities in talent management across this industry. Additionally, MPP develops and hosts professional development (PD) workshops for teachers to integrate ocean topics into their current curriculum and ocean and career literacy programs for youth. Other publications include White Papers, text-book contributions, and most recently, a proposal to the G7 on Women in Ocean Industries.

Moving forward, MPP will focus on initiatives to engage Indigenous workers and youth in the marine industry, and will launch a pilot project aimed at increasing the opportunities for post-secondary students to complete work-integrated learning within the industry.

For more information or to discuss opportunities for collaboration and research, please contact our Director of Workforce Development, Tanya Lush (

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