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Deep Sense

Canadian industry struggles to capture its global share of the ocean opportunity without data-driven insight to integrate and leverage new technologies. Delivered by partners with a global reputation and proven track record in the sector, Deep Sense supports industry in seizing sustainable growth opportunities in the global ocean economy. 

Deep Sense is an applied partnership between COVE, Dalhousie University, IBM, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Ocean Frontier Institute, and the Province of Nova Scotia. The partnership is headquartered at Dalhousie’s Faculty of Computer Science.

Deep Sense is:

  • A platform for industry to do applied R&D in analytics and the ocean economy with university experts, graduate students, postdocs and applied research scientists, and professional software engineers.
  • An innovation environment that brings together industry with data and ocean scientists to develop commercially-useful predictive models, analytical prototypes, and applications for use in the blue economy.
  • An engine to help accelerate the development of a new industry sector focused on the creation of ocean data products, computational models, and analytical applications.

Deep Sense programs will bring industry and academia together to develop analytical applications and models, and solve challenges faced by the oceans sector. Programs will provide industry partners with access to the DeepSense platform, a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment and Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP).

Deep Sense project themes focus on:

  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Seaport and Logistics
  • Security and Defense
  • Marine Risk, Finance and Insurance
  • Offshore Energy
  • Ship Building
  • Policy and Government
  • Ocean Data Sensors
  • Ocean Data Products, Computational Models, and Analytical Applications
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