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Nova Scotia innovation scores an award, and business exposure, at Aqua Nor conference

Source: Saltwire

Sensor Globe offers mobile tracking and lots of data for fish farmers

Aleksandr Stabenow has a pocketful of business cards from potential customers thanks to an award win at AquaNor last week.

Stabenow is co-founder of Nova Scotia-based Marin X Sensor Globe.

The company turned heads at the world’s largest aquaculture technology conference with its unique sensor that allows fish farmers to track, among other things, water temperatures, oxygen and pH levels in real time.

The 95 mm sphere—you can hold it in the palm of your hand—promises to be a powerhouse of data collection and the industry appears to have taken notice.

The Sensor Globe won the Innovation Award at the Aug. 21-24 exhibition in Trondheim, Norway.

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