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New Regional Atlantic Aerospace and Defence Association to Launch: Looking for Founding Chief Executive Officer

Atlantic Canada’s aerospace and defence industry is a dynamic cluster of 350 plus companies, ranging from niche start-ups to tier 1 suppliers to the sector. The industry is in the process of uniting their respective provincial associations to form the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association, representing the ocean, aerospace, defence, and security sub-sectors. 

The Board of Directors is looking for an inaugural Chief Executive Officer to lead the process of implementing the new regional entity by bringing together the existing provincial associations and forging a unified voice and an effective service delivery model to advance the sector. The Association will have offices in each of the Atlantic provinces. 

You will have senior level experience in a number of the core functions of the association, including; advocacy, marketing, business development, supplier development, and human resources. You are comfortable translating an organization’s mission and objectives into tangible strategies and action plans and are effective in motivating the team that reports to you.

 A key role of this positon is to be the voice of the industry in Atlantic Canada. As such, you are comfortable dealing with senior government officials and industry leaders. You have strong business savvy and are an effective communicator. You are known for being results oriented and thrive in an environment where you are held accountable and rewarded accordingly. 

You will have ten or more years of senior management experience which likely includes senior level involvement in the aerospace and defence industry or with an industry association. Additionally, you are highly familiar with the workings of non-profit boards and understand what makes for effective governance where volunteer engagement is a critical success factor. Ideally, you will have a university degree in business or a related discipline or a combination of significant work experience.

 If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send a letter stating your experience and salary expectations along with your CV to by August 24th 2016. For a detailed job description or additional information, please contact Chris by email or by phone at (902) 314 0623.

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