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Minister MacKay Announces Support for Market-Leading Canadian Defence R&D

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, September 3, 2013—The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Regional Minister for Nova Scotia, on behalf of the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, today announced a repayable contribution of $8.2 million to Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. (UEMS) to support the Dartmouth-based company’s research and development program fornext-generation sonar technologies.

“Our government is committed to promoting economic growth and prosperity through manufacturing across the country,” said Minister MacKay. “We will continue to work with innovative firms, such as Ultra Electronics, that create high-quality jobs and foster partnerships between sectors to ensure Canada remains a global leader in aerospace and defence.”

To remain a leader in towed sonar systems, UEMS is planning a multi-faceted research and development program. This will increase its competitiveness and lead to next-generation sonar technologies. The company will collaborate with research institutes at Canadian universities in carrying out this project. It will build smaller, lighter versions of existing sonar systems, with improved capabilities and performance.

“The largest and arguably most prestigious source of R&D funding for companies like Maritime Systems is Industry Canada’s Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative [SADI],” said UEMS President Ken Walker. “Today we are very happy to become the latest recipient, and first Atlantic Canadian company, to be awarded SADI funding from Industry Canada.”

SADI supports industrial research and pre-competitive development projects in the aerospace, defence, space and security industries. The Harper Government has committed $900 million in research and development through SADI. These commitments are expected to leverage an additional $1.7 billion from other sources. For more information on the program, please visit the SADI website.

Background on the project

Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. is an international leader in the design, development and production of advanced electronic, electromechanical and underwater sensor systems for military applications. For more than 60 years, UEMS has supported Canada and its allies with advanced, robust technologies, systems and support services. Its existing products primarily support surface ship torpedo defence and towed low-frequency active sonar systems.

The government is supporting a research and development project that aims to decrease the space, weight and power requirements of low-frequency sonar systems. The project will lead to lower acquisition and ownership costs for customers and will increase the number of ships capable of supporting sonar products, thereby enhancing national defence capabilities.

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