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Metamaterial Technologies Inc. recognized by Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Halifax NS – Metamaterial Technologies Incorporated (MTI), a Nova Scotian early-stage company, will be participating in the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley, this September. MTI will be taking full advantage of the Canadian-run accelerator in order to access global markets and entrepreneurship services.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) only accepts companies they identify to have 3 core characteristics: potential to scale, traction, and differentiated technology. The CTA places a strong emphasis on the capability of each company’s executive team, as well. The (CTA) runs 12 accelerators for Canadian companies each year in 8 different cities, across the globe.

CEO of MTI, George Palikaras described the opportunity as “very exciting for MTI to advance our global relations within the corporate and investment communities”. He adds that “being mentored by other successful Canadian companies, will only strengthen ours.”

The CTA accelerator in Silicon Valley specializes in growing tech start-ups and small-medium enterprises that deal in hardware, and software. The accelerator takes place at the Plug and Play Tech Center, where notable partners such as Google, Oracle, and, eBay have permanent offices in order to interact with top early-stage companies from around the globe.

About Metamaterial Technologies:

MTI (established 2010) is an optical solutions and nano-composites company that develops and commercializes innovative metamaterial technology. MTI has developed technologies that are able to manipulate light in ways that have never been observed in nature. MTI is working to provide a solution to laser interference, improve solar panel absorbing efficiency, and enhancing LED. Solving these far-reaching problems, MTI has already made an effort to think global by having an office in California, Nova Scotia, and the United Kingdom. MTI’s headquarters are currently inside the Innovacorp Technology Innovation Centre, in Dartmouth.


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