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Maritime BioLoggers

Our aim at Maritime bioLoggers is to work with you to provide a tag that suits the specifics of your study. We have experience in engineering, signal processing and marine science and are happy to give advice on all aspect of the bio-logging field. This ranges from determining the appropriate sensor sampling frequency, to deployment and recovery methods and data analytic techniques.

Fisheries Solutions
Maritime bioLoggers provides solutions for fisheries management, fish stock catchability or by-catch reduction studies. Maritime bioLoggers technology can be used to capture valuable information for fish stock management. By tracking behaviour-specific activity levels of tagged animals, out tags in combination with data analysis tools can provide insights into fish growth, fish catchability or data that can aid in by-catch reduction.

Data Analysis
Our innovative computational data processing techniques are able to provide meaningful outputs from tagging studies including information on foraging behaviour or activity maps for commercially and recreationally valuable fish stocks. 

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