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Learning Tools

Find the resources and tools you need to learn more about the ocean.

COVE provides activities and resource books for educators, students, and everyone who wants to learn more about the ocean and its new technologies.

Discover our free learning tools to help you find your future in the blue economy.

Taking Making into Classrooms

The Ocean Toolkit promotes ocean literacy in the classroom. This free resource for teachers encourages young people to be more curious about the ocean.

Build your own Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS)

Using some of the latest technology combined with traditional manufacturing, the Halifax Shipyard team of welders, pipe-fitters, electricians, designers, engineers, quality inspectors, accountants, supply chain managers, and many more are working together every day to maintain and repair Halifax-class frigates, and build new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships, and Canadian Surface Combatants. Now you too can build the STEM-class of ships!

Build an AOPS With Us!

Follow along with the video and have a go at building your own Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) like the ones built at Irving Shipbuilding!

Take a picture of your completed ship and share it with us!

Build a Ship's Hull

Developed in parternship with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. for STEMfest 2018 Halifax, this activity mimics the contruction of a Navy Ship in 3 megablocks, and provides blue prints, instruction documents and an overall description of the activity.

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