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Hampton University is Selecting Tracer to Research Industrial Real-time Environmental Monitoring in the Hampton River

Marine Thinking has proudly partnered with Hampton University, offering cutting-edge equipment dedicated to real-time environmental monitoring in The Hampton River. This river is a key component of the largest estuarine system in the United States, presenting a unique opportunity for impactful research and solutions. 

The Hampton University project aims to use Tracer to develop an integrated water monitoring network. The project’s joint design of static sensor networks and mobile aquatic robots will provide specific research objectives for the university:  

  • Biogeochemical Sensor Network: Focusing on creating a comprehensive biogeochemical sensor network for accurate water assessment. This includes intelligent water sampling techniques and data analysis. 
  • Advanced Machine Learning Applications: Cutting-edge machine learning techniques will be used to estimate marine species density and growth patterns, assisting with better ecosystem management. 
  • Optimized Robotic Systems: Enhancing aquatic robot capabilities through optimized navigation strategies, path-planning algorithms, and robust control mechanisms. This ensures effective sensory tasks and data collection. 
  • Validation through Rigorous Testing: Field deployment exercises and stringent performance evaluations validate the system’s effectiveness, ensuring its practical utility in real-world scenarios. 
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