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Changing Tides: Engaging Inuit, Indigenous and First Nations Workers in Ocean Industries

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 , 13:00 - 14:00

Zoom and YouTube

NS, Canada

Changing Tides: Discussing diversity in the ocean industry



A panel discussion series addressing underrepresented workers in the blue economy.

Each month, we will be speaking with leaders in the ocean economy on the following topics, supporting the advancement of African Canadians in ocean tech, encouraging economic growth for Indigenous-owned companies, making space for women, scoping and retaining skilled immigrants and international student graduates, and shifting gears mid-career.

Engaging Inuit, Indigenous and First Nations Workers in Ocean Industries​

Join us on August 12, for a panel discussion with leaders in the Inuit, Indigenous and First Nations community. From trades careers through entrepreneurship as well as in research and professional roles, Inuit, Indigenous and First Nation workers are significantly under-represented in the ocean economy. 

Lead by Denise Pothier, we will be highlighting some of the challenges faced by Inuit, Indigenous and First Nation workers as they consider ocean careers. Our panelists will share insights, and challenges they have experienced in their journey as well as their thoughts on how this industry can make better inroads with underrepresented groups.  We will also discuss the importance of engaging youth in the Blue Economy with projects like Smart Ice.


    , NS

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