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2019 OTN Symposium: Track, Connect, Transform

June 28, 2019 - June 29, 2019

This year, the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) will host its annual symposium immediately following the 5th International Conference on Fish Telemetry (June 24-28 2019) in Arendal, Norway. The 2019 OTN Symposium: Track, Connect, Transform, begins on the evening of June 28 and continues with a full day of workshops, panel discussions and presentations on June 29.

Since 2008, OTN has been creating a unique global research, infrastructure and conservation platform that tightly integrates biological, oceanographic and social sciences; promotes technological innovation; and fosters collaborative partnerships across sectors and around the world.

OTN partners are tracking the movement of more than 200 aquatic species using 2,000 receivers in key ocean locations around the globe.

The OTN platform is connecting infrastructure, communities, resources, researchers, policy-makers, industry, and other local stakeholders at local and global scales. These networks have created impactful collaborations, broken down traditional barriers in data sharing and contributed globally to the protection of our oceans.

OTN is also transforming our understanding of the oceans by developing global data standards and a paradigm of collaborative research and data sharing, changing how scientists, communities and policy-makers in decision-making processes interact, as well as facilitating the use and development of novel technology.

As the Network marks its first decade, its members will gather at the 2019 OTN Symposium to develop strategies and seek new opportunities towards the next phase of tracking aquatic animals and ocean conditions, connecting resources and people, and transforming data practices, ocean sciences and the implementation of policy and management.

Key activities and outputs nestled under the three themes of the Symposium will include:

  • Student presentations
  • Next generation problem solving and integration
  • Continuation of ideasOTN—synthesis and publication
  • Technical best practices workshops
  • Risk assessment and management opportunities
  • Developing and integrating key research themes

This year, OTN will be hosting a game of #TrackerTrivia at the Symposium. Have a multiple choice question related to aquatic animal tracking you’d like to contribute? Submit up to three through the Registration button below:

#TrackerTrivia Submission

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