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Cutting-edge hybrid boat built by a P.E.I. company goes to its new home in New Brunswick

CBC News

The Passamaquoddy First Nation’s new hybrid lobster boat is heading home to New Brunswick.

The vessel and the green technology were developed by P.E.I. engineering company Aspin Kemp & Associates. 

The lobster boat is called Hybrid One.

The company has created much bigger hybrid vessels before, which are being used around the world.

Company CEO Jason Kemp said making a hybrid system work in smaller fishing vessels has been a challenge.

“Because on the bigger vessels, a million dollar or multi-million dollar system can be justified as a cost, where on a small fishing vessel, it’s not. So we had to take a couple of decades of learning, and apply that to this concept to get those costs down and shrink the physical size of it down to integrate it into the repulsion system,” he said.

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