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COVE tenants collaborate in the Ocean Aware project | News Release

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc.and Xeos Technologies Inc. partner to develop new sensor technologies for the aquaculture the Ocean Supercluster Ocean Aware project

28 July 2020 (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia) – COVE proudly announces that two tenants have partnered to develop new environmental sensing technologies for the Ocean Supercluster Ocean Aware project. Dartmouth Ocean Technologies (DOT) and Xeos Technologies join fellow partners Ocean Choice International, Emera, Nova Scotia Power Inc, Irving Shipbuilding, on the InnovaSea led Ocean Aware project.

“Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc. (DOT) is pleased to be part of the Ocean Super Cluster supported Ocean Aware Project,” said Arnold Furlong, CEO/President of Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc. “The project led by InnovaSea will align us with a valuable partner in the aquaculture space as we deliver our microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) Phosphate sensor and environmental DNA (eDNA) HAB Hunter sampler. With a value of $1.16 m the project will see the delivery of 15 phosphate sensors and 10 eDNA samplers over the course of the project. It is an incredible opportunity for our ocean technology start up!”

“As one of the smaller partners in the Ocean Aware Project, we are excited about the opportunity to leverage the market reach of this formidable group as we embark on a potentially transformative technology development initiative. This is an incredible opportunity that will help launch Xeos on a new path,” said Geoff MacIntyre, Vice President of Xeos Technologies Inc. “Xeos is excited to partner with fellow COVE tenant Dartmouth Ocean Technologies on developing new environmental sensing technologies to help support and accelerate the development of a safe and efficient aquaculture industry. COVE has provided invaluable connections with likeminded innovators that have directly resulted in this fantastic opportunity for transformative growth”.

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies (DOT) will deliver Phosphate sensors and eDNA HAB Hunter Sampler technologies to support the aquaculture market. These leading edge microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) sensors will be very novel in the market place. Xeos is developing a line of water quality sensors (WQS) for use by modern aquaculture operators.

The main goal of the project announced today by Ocean Supercluster is to

1.     Develop new fish tracking and environmental sensing innovations that enable monitoring of fish welfare and demonstrate their commercial viability in the aquaculture sector.

2.     Develop new fish tracking and modeling key innovations that enable deployment at large spatial scales and demonstrate their commercial viability in the fisheries sectors. 

3.     Develop and demonstrate a new capability for the Energy sector to monitor untagged fish.

”The participation of COVE tenants Xeos Technologies and Dartmouth Ocean Technologies in the Ocean Aware announcement today is a great example of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) in action, which is designed to create economic investment across Canada through shipbuilding,’ said Kevin McCoy, President, Irving Shipbuilding Inc.. “To date, COVE and more than 275 organizations, businesses and academic institutions have benefitted from spending commitments totaling $3.2 Billion as a result of the NSS and the Canada’s next generation fleet currently under construction at Halifax Shipyard. Irving Shipbuilding is proud to be Canada’s National Shipbuilder.”

“COVE is pleased to see the launch of the Ocean Aware project that promises to transform global aquaculture and fisheries management,” said Jim Hanlon, CEO of COVE. “We’re particularly proud that two COVE tenants – Xeos Technologies and Dartmouth Ocean Technologies are key players in this project. The project also brings together many of the larger organizations that have been strong supporters of COVE including Irving Shipbuilding, Emera, Innovasea and our research partners at OTN, Dalhousie University and DFO.  This collaboration among small innovative ocean technology companies, large ocean industry partners, academic research groups and Government departments is exactly what Ocean SuperCluster and COVE are all about. Congratulations to all!”

About Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc. (DOT)

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc. is focused on delivering ocean sensor platforms to the world market. Initially this is the family of towed stable depressors called the “D Wings” that are available in a variety of sizes and can be outfitted with sensors for a diverse range of applications. Other platforms will be added in the future and may include towed hydrographic mapping systems, towed camera systems, autonomous vertical profilers and Voluntary Observation Ship instrumentation systems.

About Xeos Technologies Inc.

Xeos Technologies Inc. has been designing and manufacturing low power, GNSS and Iridium based monitoring equipment for remote applications since 2004. We provide reliable & innovative ways to track, monitor and control moorings, buoys and autonomous vehicles in harsh environments. With decades of design experience in ocean science, environmental monitoring and defense applications we understand how to design for success in the world’s harshest environments. Despite our extensive experience we maintain a pioneering perspective and understand each of our clients is truly a partner, deserving of the best we have to offer in design, quality control and support.

About COVE 

Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) is an ocean tech business park that encourages collaboration across sectors to connect local and international companies in the ocean sector. COVE Workforce Initiative focuses on workforce development and engagement in Ocean Industries where youth and teacher engagement is a primary focus. COVE brings together people, ideas, industry and research to help our community and members work in new ways. Together, we are a catalyst in creating the world’s next practical, commercial and revolutionary ocean tech advances. Irving Shipbuilding, as part of its Value Proposition commitments under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), has invested over $6 million in COVE to support development of the programs and operations.  

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Media contacts:

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Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) 

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Arnold Furlong


Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Inc.

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Geoff MacIntyre

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Xeos Technologies Inc.

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