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COVE Internship Project begins on time amid COVID-19 pandemic | News Release

COVE continues to support companies and provides employment opportunities in the ocean technology industry tostudents from all interdisciplinary backgrounds.

7 May 2020 (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia) – The Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) is pleased to announce the Internship Pilot Program is proceeding on time. The project has been revamped to be delivered using virtual means which allows the interns to help the participating companies transition through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ten participants from various interdisciplinary studies are working on projects for DeepSense, Precise Design, Pisces RPM, and IGNITE. With the workforce moving to social distancing norms, the interns are working with these companies across Nova Scotia virtually.

The interns are completing, or have completed, their studies at Acadia University, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). Their backgrounds range from a Senior Ship’s Officer with a diploma in business administration, electronics technician, environmental engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, interdisciplinary design, and electronic commerce.

IBM and Accenture have donated their time and resources in a week-long orientation course for the interns prior to the project start date allowing the interns to hit the ground running on their first day. The interns will be engaged in project-based Working Integrated Learning (WIL) by virtual means, a new reality in the current workplace.

Funding for the Internship Program has been provided by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE). Both partners are interested in providing the entrepreneurs of the future the opportunity to apply their education in actual industry settings and as a result building the pipeline for future ocean tech companies in Nova Scotia.


“I am happy the internship is progressing despite COVID-19 because it provides me an opportunity to apply technical and non-technical skills acquired from academic experience to real-world applications. The ocean tech industry is of interest to me because it is very broad thus it allows me to explore various aspects of mechanical engineering including CAD/CAM, mechatronics and renewable energy. The industry is also very young thus there is plenty of room for research and development, which is something I enjoy.”

–       Joshua Awe, graduating mechanical engineering student at Dalhousie University

“I’m very happy that the internship is still happening because it was one of the most exciting things I was looking forward to after graduating and learning from leading experts in the ocean tech. I really appreciate the measures each member of the COVE internship is taking to make this an awesome experience in the most unconventional time.”

–       Katrina Tomas, 4th year student in the Interdisciplinary Design program at NSCAD University

“I am extremely grateful to COVE for continuing with this important project even in the midst of so many uncertainties. I believe that in the midst of storms and war, great technologies are created. With the resources of the ocean, and COVE’s facilities, alongside with expert people, we will work hard to contribute, generate science, jobs, and wealth for our so impacted community.”

–       Silas Silva, Senior Ship’s Officer | Dynamic Positioning Operator who holds a bachelor’s degree in nautical science from the Merchant Marine Officer School of Brazil and a diploma in business administration, management from NSCC

“At DeepSense we constantly work with students, supporting their efforts to build complex AI and machine learning systems. Even though we work with students daily, we are always looking for new perspectives. The COVE Internship project will give us the opportunity to better understand and plan how best to speak with and engage students. Over the next weeks we will find the key messages and channels to make students aware of the amazing career opportunities within ocean data and the ocean ecosystem.”

–       Jennifer LaPlante, Executive Director of DeepSense

“Ignite Labs is very excited to be part of the COVE Internship Program.  This program is a great way for skilled students to get hands-on experience in the ocean sector and provide great engineering and design talent to industry partners throughout Nova Scotia.  Our team is looking forward to working with this great group of future leaders in the ocean industry.”

–       Doug Jones, CEO of IGNITE

“We are so excited about the COVE internship program. Having access to a ready-made team handpicked by Executive Director Dr. Sherry Scully is incredible. We have very high hopes for this program and believe it will kickstart both this product, but also the next phase of Pisces RPM growth.”

–       Kes Morton, President and CEO of Pisces Research Project Management

“Precise Design is excited to participate in the COVE Coop program this summer.  This program will allow us to explore designs using skills that are outside our current mechanical expertise.  We are looking forward to the students providing a different perspective to our project.  We hope to have an interesting product developed during the short Coop program.”

–       Bruce Stover, President of Precise Design Engineering Solutions

“This is a terrific opportunity for the interns to develop awareness of, and exposure to the broad range of careers available to them in the marine industry and the blue economy.  Similarly, this is a terrific opportunity for ocean tech employers to have access to young, diverse talent,”

–       Dr. Sherry Scully, Executive Director of COVE Workforce Initiative

About COVE 

Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) is an ocean tech business park that encourages collaboration across sectors to connect local and international companies in the ocean sector. COVE Workforce Initiative focuses on workforce development and engagement in Ocean Industries where youth and teacher engagement is a primary focus. COVE brings together people, ideas, industry and research to help our community and members work in new ways. Together, we are a catalyst in creating the world’s next practical, commercial and revolutionary ocean tech advances. Irving Shipbuilding, as part of its Value Proposition commitments under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), has invested over $6 million in COVE to support development of the programs and operations.  

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