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The Lobster Trap Company

We’ve spent nearly 3 years researching, engineering, designing, patenting, prototyping and field testing a new and innovative plastic lobster trap.

The Lobster Trap Company Limited is focused on building, and supplying a 21st Century Lobster Trap that supports “UPSTREAM-SUSTAINABILITY” of our lobster stock. This refers to improving the gear used to catch lobster and sustain our precious lobster stocks.

This trap is unique because the main components and structure are made from a high-grade plastic material that withstands the demands of this rough and rugged industry and strong tidal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The internals of the trap use traditional netting, called heads and funnels where the lobsters enter the trap and are caught until the trap is retrieved by the fisherman.

This newly designed plastic lobster trap is unique to the lobster fishing industry found in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and the Eastern seaboard of the United States. It meets, and in some cases exceeds, the regulations governing the lobster fishing industry for both the USA and Canada.

From concept to prototyping, and then on to field-testing, the feedback from industry has been very positive and extremely supportive. Plastic material and products can already be found in many fishing industries in the Maritimes, including lobster harvesting; devices such as grey bins, shipping containers, bait barrels and plastic lobster crates are just a few.

Through its innovation, this newly formulated trap will help improve the safety in the industry. They will lessen the repair costs and time spent repairing gear in the off-season. It also positively supports the export of lobster by aligning with lobster traceability.

With an increased life-cycle time between renewing traps, this reduces the number of traps required to be replaced on an annual basis. The fact these traps can be recycled will help reduce ocean debris and landfill waste, both helping support our children and grand-children’s future.

Leading the way toward UPSTREAM-SUSTAINABILITY to help maintain our lobster stocks as a 21st Century Lobster Trap.

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