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Rimot was born out of decades of experience in the communications industry. Repeatedly we talked with customers who needed a high-value yet affordable remote monitoring solution for critical infrastructure in the field. Critical systems like generators and wireless transmitters that people count on – especially in a moment of need.

Today Rimot integrates the latest of Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies into a turnkey remote monitoring solution to help ensure that these critical systems are there when they are needed. The insight our Rimot platform helps avoid downtime, and reduce the time and cost of issues when they do arise.

The Rimot platform and the company are built around three beliefs that drive everything we do:

  • Easy: Easy to install. Easy to use.
  • Insight: Data and alerts about what is happening. And has happened.
  • Value: A turnkey solution at a disruptive pricepoint.

Our first product on the Rimot platform is RimotRF, for the monitoring of remote transmitter sites. 


Our team has many years of experience with wireless systems, product development, and building technology companies. We are excited by how Industrial IoT creates a fresh approach to managing the largely unseen and underappreciated equipment that business and government count on every day. 

We are always on the hunt for talented people who share our passion, and who would like to join our team.

Current Openings

Enterprise IIoT Sales

We are looking for an experienced and capable person to join our team to drive sales of our RimotRF offering. Learn more.

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