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Oneka Technologies

Oneka Technologies’ mission is to make the oceans a sustainable and affordable source of water for coastal communities and industries facing water scarcity. To achieve this, we have developed desalination solutions that exclusively use wave energy to turn sea water into drinking water.

Unlike conventional desalination solutions that usually operate by consuming large amounts of fossil fuel, Oneka’s solution is 100% mechanical and emits no greenhouse gases. Moreover, it has been designed to act in synergy with the environment: no land space is required, the brine is of a significantly lower salinity, the water intake is safer, and the anchor can potentially serve as an artificial reef.

Having developed a range of buoys to meet a variety of water needs, Oneka is able to serve a broad market, from small communities to water-intensive industries. Oneka provides water as a service to its clients, transforming the typical vendor-customer relationship into a partnering relationship where the interests of both the client and Oneka are aligned.

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