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Marecomms Inc. brings the 5G cellular communication revolution into the underwater world to provide reliable wireless digital communications under the water over arbitrarily long ranges. By virtue of some novel signal transmission and processing techniques, the total power consumption is reduced by 90% compared to the industry standards for an identical distance while significantly enhancing the link fidelity. By the same token, the link distance is enhanced by 4 to 20 km for an identical power consumption compared to other products in the market. Thus Marecomms is set out to offer low-impact and reliable underwater communication links, with a very small noise footprint in the ocean ecosystem to minimize the sound disturbance on sea animals.

Marecomms’ compact and low-power modems will easily be mounted on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), or can be affixed to AUVs as a towed array as depicted in the following graphics. This will make long-distance, long-term AUV missions possible for oil&gas pipeline inspection, ocean monitoring, search&rescue, aquaculture, diving and defence operations with minimal mission interruptions and prolonged battery life.

Marecomm’s revolutionary signal processing algorithms will also enable multiple AUVs to communicate with one another while each AUV  communicating with the land station simultaneously. This will facilitate the principles of a self-organized network of AUVs to create a swarm, greatly expediting operations that require to cover wide underwater areas.

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