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IntelliReefs restores and enhances degraded ocean ecosystems by designing nanotechnology artificial reefs and marine infrastructure solutions that increase economic security, biodiversity, coastal protection, and ongoing resilience. We are currently collaborating with researchers at Dalhousie University to monitor our novel temperate Oceanite product line, which has been engineered for kelp growth and the attraction of commercially and biologically important fish and invertebrate species (e.g. lobster, mussels, oysters, etc.).

We developed Oceanite to mimic the architecture and habitat of ocean ecosystems, attenuating wave force and providing the building blocks for rapid and healthy marine growth. Unlike other marine substrates, IntelliReefs can be cast in any shape and size, allowing for risk management along entire degraded coastlines. We build living marine barriers and infrastructure that dissipate wave force 60-97%, protecting coastal communities from erosion and sea level rise. 

Analysis of Oceanite prototypes in the Caribbean validated 5 main IntelliReefs benefits: biodiversity enhancement, attraction and growth of reef-building animals and plants (i.e. corals and crustose coralline algae), accelerated and healthy reef growth, provision of food and shelter for large fish communities, and increased scalability, durability, and manufacturing sustainability compared to concrete.

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