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Clean Catch

Clean Catch makes plastic-free soft lures and fishing bait that will keep anglers fishing for generations.

When tournament fishing in Mexico or recreational fishing in Canada, Clean Catch founder Guillermo Villarreal De Lara saw the same problem over and over: soft plastic lures going into the water but not coming out.

Finding no eco-friendly bait alternatives available, he decided to make them.

Now, you can fish with 100% biodegradable fishing lures that are tried, tested, and loved by anglers across North America.

Clean Catch imagines a world where our grandkids can teach their grandkids to be anglers because fish stocks are healthy and plentiful.

Making that happen means keeping plastic from clogging the waterways those fish call home – including PVC-based soft plastic baits.

We make our baits 100% biodegradable so that a lost cast today does not harm the fish stocks of tomorrow.

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