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Blue Lion Labs Ltd.

Blue Lion Labs is a Canadian startup providing artificial intelligence analysis software for water quality issues with an initial focus on monitoring and predicting harmful algal blooms.

Our solution (Plankton AI) uses computer vision and machine learning to automate slow, expensive and inaccurate laboratory identification of environmental and biological threats such as sea lice and algae from images with faster, more accurate and higher quality analysis. Using a standard microscope, users image harmful organisms in the water and use our software to automatically analyze what is in there. This enables users to analyze data, providing meaningful results in minutes at a fraction of the cost. Our solution automates and transforms organism detection by being available 24 hrs a day, standardizing analyses, and giving results in minutes

Our team of highly trained engineers and biologists have years of experience in water quality, machine learning and data management and our AI engine is ready to be deployed to solve a multitude of problems across industries.

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