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3D Wave Design

3D Wave is an Indigenous-owned and operated 3D animation and communications company, owned by Stevens Solutions & Design Inc., which has over 30 years’ experience in operations management, manufacturing, product design, training, marketing, sales, and business development.

We bring together a diverse suite of strengths and experiences—including animation, journalism, manufacturing, engineering, and videography—to ensure your project:

·         communicates your message clearly

·         connects with your audience

·         is technically and scientifically precise

·         is easy to use

Our Products and Services include:

·         3D Technical Animation

·         Interactive 3D Applications

·         3D Image Design

Along with our 3D animation and technical design services, we have developed an innovative 3D modelling/mapping service, in collaboration with Nova Scotia Community College’s Centre for Geographic Sciences, to communicate climate change impacts (such as sea level rise, coastal storm surge, and fluvial flooding) for:

·         EMO personnel

·         First Nation communities

·         municipal, provincial, and federal government decision makers and policy analysts

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