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Brazil and Canada Discuss Partnership in Science and Technology for Oceans

Researchers and developers of ocean technology in Brazil and Canada are discussing the development of a joint program of research in Science. They are meeting on the 1st workshop on Canada-Brazil Science and Technology for Oceans, which began on Tuesday in Rio de January. The general coordinator of the Antarctic Sea and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), Janice Trotte Duha, participates as a mediator and speaker of the event, which ends on Friday.

In the first stage of the workshop, experts in science and ocean technology of large Canadian companies have submitted data and analysis on the structure and functioning of the industrial, educational and government of his country, as regards the development of the sector. In a second step, Brazilian representatives, among scholars and professionals specialized in studies of ocean, talked about infrastructure projects and operation of industrial and educational organizations in Brazil, focused on the segment.

Janice Trotte spoke about the goals and projects of the MCTI, related to research and development of science and technology (Pamp; D) to the oceans, as the Brazilian Antarctic Program, which is in turn 30, the National Institute of Science and Technology(INCT) Climate Change and Science Without Borders program.

We are developing skills in workshop leading edge (top expertise) in science and technology development for oceans. In addition to exchange experiences and information, we are working to attract strong expressions of support and investment projects related to science and technology in Brazil, says the coordinator.

As a final result of the event, participants want to establish joint proposals for scientific and technological projects in the sector of Pamp; D for oceans to be submitted for approval and funding of the two countries. The form of work, budget requirements and possible sources of funding will also be discussed during the event.

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