A collaborative facility for
applied innovation in the ocean sector

This Request for Information is directed to parties interested in participating at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (“COVE”) through membership, an incubation program stream, short term on site license, long term lease and/or berthing agreement in order to provide information that will assist in shaping the COVE program and renovation. The RFI is not intended to lead to negotiations for contracts at the site which will instead be the subject of a Request for Proposals, expected in Spring 2017.

The COVE mission is to propel the ocean economy by providing high quality marine infrastructure and a collaborative space in which a community of ocean enterprises can start, grow and prosper. Our primary goal is to support ocean technology commercialization.

Construction has begun on site with an anticipated occupancy date of April 2018. Located on Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, the 20 acre site (7.4 acre land, 12.7 acre water lot) features extensive marine facilities, over 800 metres of wharfage including two piers, marginal wharves and small boat marina/floating docks, close to 50,000 square feet of building space, including office, shared equipment such as in electronics and mechanical fabrication shops, a business incubator and space for shops and labs.

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Request for Expressions of Interest

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